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BouveryCV Branded Face Mask


We're pleased to offer our limited edition branded face mask, included with every BouveryCV bottle.

Please be sure to tick the order box to include in delivery

Mask layer #1 (Top):        

80% Polyester, 20% Cotton blend

Mask layer #2 (Inside):  
100% Woven Cotton

Mask layer #3 (Pocket):
100% Woven Cotton (*For optional filter)

Cleaning instructionsHand wash the mask itself (without the filter) by rinsing outer and inner layer with water. Use liquid soap and gently rub around the inner and outer layers. Rinse again and hang to dry before storage or use. Rinsing the valve will clear it of microscopic dust and particles. Mask users should wash their hands before putting on a mask and after taking one off.

DisclaimerHealth organizations around the world now recommend that every person wear a face mask in public to help slow or contain the community spread of COVID-19. Choosing a face mask to wear is at your sole discretion. These fabric masks are not surgical or medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), but they reduce possible transference of infectious viruses. Mask wearing alone does not eliminate risk of contracting disease or infection. We urge everyone to please also exercise safe hygiene practices and social distancing.